What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program like no other. CrossFit is defined as Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. 

(As describe by CrossFit Inc.)

  • Constantly varied - You’ll be challenged by a unique workout every day.
  • High Intensity - Intensity in your workout means you’re working harder in a shorter space of time. Our goal is to get the most out of each session and by doing that, achieve optimal results.
  • Functional movement - Compound movements or multi-joint movements like squats

Do I need to be fit to do CrossFit?

No, we often hear people saying that they first want to get fit before starting their journey into CrossFit. At CrossFit V Town we want to be part of your journey to forging your fitness. Each movement and workout is scaled to your current abilities.

Do I need to follow the Paleo diet?

Most Crossfitters do follow the Paleo or Zone diet, but this is not a necessity. What we put in is what we get out, and this statement holds true, especially when considering diet. Following a paleolithic diet has been proven to increase athletic performance and reduce the risk of illness.

Will CrossFit make me bulky?

This is a common question for ladies to ask. The short answer is NO. At CrossFit V Town, our focus is on technique and movement proficiency. The body’s natural response to the movements we incorporate, workouts we prescribe and new skills we teach, is to shed unnecessary body fat and increase muscle mass out of neccessity not for aesthetics. We train to increase our ability to work harder, move faster and lift more. Good looks are a bonus!



About CrossFit V Town

We are very proud to be the first official CrossFit facility in Vanderbijlpark – Bringing the sport of fitness to the people. Our aim is to create a safe environment where people can come and get the best possible fitness experience available. This is a place to work hard and to reach your goals.

Training should never be boring and we will make sure that all our members enjoy what we have to offer including quality professional coaching, World class equipment and becoming part of a strong and supportive community. Our box is a place to meet people, learn new skills and get some well needed stress release.

A large part of becoming a strong individual athlete is about finding strength through community. Being able to endure as a community. At CrossFit V Town we encourage community spirit. Suffer, cry, laugh and achieving amazing results together.

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Christo du Plessis

Christo started out as a fitness model and has been on stage with some of the best athletes locally and internationally. Living a healthy lifestyle is what he has dedicated the last few years to and now it’s time to share what he has learned throughout those years. Being on stage was a big part of his life but he kind of lost the drive to compete, based on appearance only.

He always felt like there was something lacking in the sport of fitness. He felt that judging should, in some way be based not only on aesthetics but on performance to. CrossFit filled that gap for him. He is a qualified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and is a  student to the cause of helping others achieve their athletic dreams. “I am passionate about what I do therefor I always insure that my coaching is on par with international standards. Being healthy is not just life changing but it can be a ton of fun as well.”

Jopie Pienaar

I began my journey with CrossFit almost 2 years ago , I never used to be crazy about fitness but when I got introduced to crossfit I immediately fell in love. I had not been a crossfitter for long when I decided I would like to pursue coaching and decided to do my level 1 certificate. I have been coaching ever since January of 2015 and I still love it everyday. My favourite crossfit movement is definitely the snatch , although I hate it some days…. My least favourite movement (other than burpees) happens to be box jumps… because I’m quite short. I hope that I will find a way to inspire you to be fitter and a better version of yourself when you set foot in one of my classes, and most importantly to enjoy every moment.